Samuel Fonda St Paul


The Big Apple, New York City has an unwelcome guest raining havoc on it streets and leaving bodies of young women in different locations around the city. This killer hides in plain sight which is causing major concern for Detectives Dan Cerrico and Jack Klinger.Now this person is stalking the bright lights of Broadway and a beautiful, young up and coming Broadway star that has captured his damaged soul. He won't let go until he has possessed her. He is cunning, charming and extremely intelligent. He is a truculent Serial Killer and his name is SAMUEL.


Excellent story! The story flows and draws the reader in in the first chapter. Chapters are short and to the point. I honestly could not put this book down. St. Paul really knows how to tell a story. You want to just keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Simply fantastic storytelling!!

I was looking for a heart thumping thriller and St. Paul did not disappoint! From the safety of my living room, I was transfixed by the deranged psyche of a serial killer and the people trying to capture and evade him. St. Paul writes with a palpable love for New York which becomes as well developed a stage in this taut novel as the two-legged characters which scour her streets. Great dialogue and plot woven seamlessly by a wonderful storyteller!

Fonda St. Paul has done it again. An engaging thriller, well told with interesting characters and twists. I think this book will appeal to anyone who likes a good roller coaster ride.
Cathie Quinn

Fonda St. Paul Encore! Encore!


What does the famed Dakota at 1 West 72nd Street in New York City have to do with MURDER, MAYHEM, and ILLICIT AFFAIRS. A psychologist with a horrific secret past marries a wealthy cardiologist and makes their home at the Dakota. She is not aware that someone is stalking her from her past, waiting in the wings to pay her a surprise visit. Dark secrets of foster-homes, abandonment and sexual depravity are about to unfold and change lives forever.


Fonda St. Paul is a true crime enthusiast who develops rich characters and creates beautiful and twisted portraits of the human mind. She has a remarkable talent for telling tales of crime and passion. Set against the backdrop of a perfectly painted Manhattan skyline, Encore! Encore! is a page turner that takes readers on a journey into the psyche of a classic femme fatale.
Henry Capanna/Exectuive Producer

A taut psychological thriller with an explosive ending. A real page turner.
Maddie Perrone/Producer

Fonda writes like she talks. With her visual  writing style, she pulls you in from the first paragraph and doesn’t let go until the last page.
Fiona Manning/Author, Dark Dawn

Fonda is a prolific writer with strong insights into the criminal elements taking you to another level and wanting more. Robby Robinson/Retired LA County Probation Dept.


Fonda St. Paul Forever Christmas Eve


Will a twelve year old child find her way home after a horrific tragedy? Will a mysterious man ever forget the demons that haunt him in the middle of the night? A journey marred by a vicious killer and twisted families brought together by a fire one Christmas Eve.


I love this book! I got so involved with the characters I didn't want to put it down. Not only were the characters engrossing it was so atmospheric. The descriptions of the places and people created full blown pictures in my mind. It's very seldom you get a mystery so well written that it reads like a classic. I highly recommend Forever Christmas Eve and I will be reading everything by Fonda St Paul!

Fonda St. Paul has done it again. She has spun a wonderful second novel full of intrique and suspense that you don't want to put down for one second. When I was finished reading I just wished that I had another St. Paul novel to pick up where I left off. She is a wonderfully talented writer that will keep you wanting more.... I can't wait for her next one!

Wow! I loved reading this book! It is an exquisite tale of tragedy and suspense filled with wonderfully developed characters - some who you will love, some who you will hate and others you cannot decide upon until the end! Fonda St. Paul has won me over as a fan that can't wait to read her next novel. Keep 'em coming Fonda!

Fonda St. Paul Smile Pretty Please


Roanoke Virginia wasn't exactly Mae's dream...being a Hollywood movie star was. The only one she shared that dream with was her brother, Jeff...but one day, when their mama was too drunk to turn a new trick, Mae and Jeff's life changed course forever. In that one moment, all of her dreams were shattered...Jeff left town with his own secret...and then there was Roy. Dan Cerrico had his dream of being a decorated New York City cop just like his dad. Now, some thirty years later, the Gold Shield Detective stared into the vacant eyes of the dead young mother, her throat slashed from ear to ear and he that exact moment...if that decision had been worth it. Young mothers with a male child were being brutally murdered by a serial killer running loose in the decadently delicious New York City. At the same time, another man, with his own personal agenda, sets out stalking the killer. It would end the tragedy and put the damaged mind at peace once and for all. A story about families from different walks of life; cities so diverse; interlocking lives otherwise unknown to each other. A sick mind, so diseased but with feelings righteously wrapped in unfathomable fury. One lone dream that keeps haunting the killer until he makes the final choice and alters lives forever. SMILE PRETTY NOW takes us on a journey into a serial killer's mind consumed with madness and into his damaged soul. Does it frighten you to touch on your dark side? To delve into your mind to see what justification you can conjured up to make whatever evil you touch upon correct? Is the smile before the camera clicks one more time worth it? How does the softness of that one petal dropping onto your already cooling body feel?


I am an avid reader of mystery and suspense novels and a big fan of writers such as Jeffrey Deaver, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Harlam Coban and John Sandford. Fonda St Paul's first novel, "Smile Pretty Now", grabbed me and held onto to me until the last page in the same way that the best novels from my favorite writers always have. I am now looking forward to her next book and hopefully many more to follow! This is a must read for lovers of a good mystery.

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